Things To Do While Rolling on MDMA

New to or MDMA? Check out our overview page.

Disclaimer: The only way to be perfectly safe using MDMA is to not take it at all. If you’re going to use MDMA regardless, please follow safety guides and do your research: how to take Molly/MDMA & about MDMA.

If you’re going to do MDMA anyway, here are some things that other MDMA users have reported enjoying:

Things that solo-users and group users report enjoying

  • Be highly selective in who you roll with
  • Music. Prepare an ~8 hr playlist of songs. 🎵
  • Lights. Buy glowsticks and/or light gloves (decently cheap on amazon). Read the reddit guide to gloving 🌈
  • Diffraction glasses, cheap ones 20 for $9 on amazon 😎
  • Chewing gum
  • Pop rocks, lollipops 🍭
  • Stretching and light yoga — though be careful of injury :) 🙆
  • Water/showers/pools. For harm reduction use cool water. Seek medical attention immediately if anyone has hyperthermic symptoms. 🚿
  • Eat berries 🍓
  • The wire head massagers, very cheap on amazon 💆‍♂️
  • Walk barefoot on grass or sand 👣
  • Dance 💃🕺
  • Harm reduction and enjoyment wise, consider rolling at home (or rental) instead of a venue. 1) Allows you to cool off easily 2) Allows you to take supplements with you easily, if you choose to do that 3) Allows you to hydrate frequently in smaller amounts rather than having to go to a bar to get water 4) “You can be as weird as you want, you can control the music, you can dance, you can sit around and talk because it’s not too loud, there are no aggressive people around to make you feel uncomfortable, etc.” 5) House environments are great! (1)
  • Harm reduction wise, weigh out doses ahead of time. Stick to less than 1.5 mg/kg of MDMA, with a maximum of 120 mg regardless of heaviness if possible during the session. If this sounds low to you, consider that you may not be taking pure MDMA, or take a tolerance break. (2)
  • Harm reduction and taste wise, buy electrolyte containing beverages — extra important for females :) e.g. sugar-free gatorade, coconut water, etc. (2)
  • Write out letters to other people in your life (you can also text them, but writing it out allows you to re-evaluate the day after to ensure you still feel great about sending it)
  • Meditate
  • Play music on an instrument
  • Play with these websites:

Things that group users report enjoying

  • Pair up with someone and ask their life story, or tell/share stories in general 📖
  • Talk about feelings 😊
  • In a large enough house, have a trance room, a mainstream EDM room, a chill room, etc (this is a really cool idea!) 🎶
  • “Fall through the floor”
  • Jump to music in synchronicity
  • Back rubs
  • Cuddle
  • Massages, with oils/cremes a great addition
  • Hugs
  • turbo hug

Things that couples report enjoying

  • Ice cube kisses ❄️
  • Hand and foot rubs ✋
  • Sex 😏


PaterSalad, HowDoYouFeel, Zitrone1337 and to a no-longer-active redditor. Find even more on bluelight.