Press Release: RollSafe's MDMA education overhauled for 2017 in light of MDMA's medical progress.

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GLOBAL. - In light of MDMA’s progress in medical research and late 2016 approval for FDA Phase 3 medical trials for PTSD,’s MDMA educational content has been substantially updated.

RollSafe’s latest content update ensures that high quality, research-backed educational drug information is available to anyone who searches for it. Users can learn what MDMA is, how Molly and Ecstasy differ, which MDMA supplements are best, and more.

Founded in 2013, RollSafe’s mission is to ensure that accessible high-quality MDMA information is available to everyone. We achieve this mission by creating guides that meet our own high standards. We reach our users thanks to supporters of RollSafe, with almost all of our users coming from word of mouth with people sharing RollSafe directly with friends, or sharing it to people they don’t know on internet forums. Thank you.

This update wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of the individuals who take the time to work with the RollSafe editor.

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