MDMA Addiction: Treatment

New to or MDMA? Check out our overview page.

What if I’m concerned about myself or a loved one’s use of MDMA?

While “research hasn’t definitively answered whether MDMA is addictive,”1 there are certainly still people who may be concerned about their own use of MDMA or a loved one’s use of MDMA. This may be especially relevant for MDMA use that is particularly suboptimal - e.g. high doses, very frequent use (e.g. >1x per month), using in particularly unsafe or hot environments, etc.

What should I do

Please read this free guide: the 20 minute guide. It’s for parents, but it applies to friends, etc. There’s also a separate version for romantic partners.

Alternatively, there’s a full book version of the same guide called “Beyond Addiction” which is excellent, or you can buy the PDF of the 20 minute guide.

If you prefer video content and have access to HBO, please watch the HBO Documentary ‘Addiction.’

Please start with the above resources, even if you’re ready for treatment.

Once you’ve gone through the above resources and your loved one is ready for treatment, the most effective treatment appears to be cognitive behavioral approaches, so seek out an addiction treatment provider who uses cognitive behavioral training.2 See the chapter on finding treatment in the book “Beyond Addiction” for more info.