What are the best MDMA educational videos?

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Videos covering: What is MDMA? What are the effects?

A short overview of MDMA, by The Drug Policy Alliance [2:00]

A scientific MDMA overview, by The Drug Classroom [26:32]

Nellie takes MDMA, by Drugslab [10:42]

You should treat the Drugslab video as being for entertainment purposes and not informational purposes. It gives a visual sense of MDMA’s effects.

Videos covering: What are the potential medical uses of MDMA?

Mini documentary on MDMA for PTSD [7:54]

MDMA for PTSD in veterans, by MDMA The Movie [9:21]

An MDMA for PTSD patient discusses her treatment, by with Rachel Hope [5:55]

An overview of MDMA for PTSD research, by The Drug Classroom [13:58]

A story of MDMA for couples therapy, by National Geographic [3:45]

Videos covering: How to use MDMA in general

A pretty solid overview video on how to use MDMA, by PsychedSubstance [10:29]

Videos covering: Safer MDMA use

A great video with MDMA safety tips, by The Drug Classroom [8:12]

An ok but not great short MDMA safety video, by Drugslab [0:54]

Is MDMA neurotoxic? How can I reduce my risk? By the Drug Classroom [21:13]

How to test your MDMA, by PsychedSubstance [9:07]