Why You May Want To Donate to MAPS

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If you’re reading this, you’re likely one of the most thoughtful people that are interested in drugs. Seriously.

If you use drugs, you’re probably the type of person who researches what you take before you take it, checks your dose, only uses with trusted people, etc.

You might even be the sort of helpful and generous person who helps make sure your friends are also safe when using.

Have you given up on hoping for a better future?

Based on MAPS’ research, it seems like MDMA will really help PTSD. And it seems like it’ll probably also help people without PTSD who just have fears/angers/traumas that they’d like help processing. And it’s likely that a world where people have been able to healthily process their fears/traumas/angers is a much safer, happier and more secure world.

I think this is an exaggeration - but I’m also not sure - MDMA research may help us save the world.

Will you donate to MAPS to fund MDMA research?

I respect the fact given that you’re a Rollsafe reader, you’re likely willing to help people, and are responsible enough to change your actions when a change is warranted.

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While we don't endorse usage outside of approved medical settings, if you're going to do MDMA anyway, you may want to buy a supplement kit from a partner like: RaveBOX.

Recommended documentary about MDMA therapy: Trip of Compassion.